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ERP customization development
Customized management system with high efficiency and wisdom
ERP + CRM + Purchase, Sales And Inventory + Project + Finance + HR+OA+ Enterprise Personality Needs

About Us
We have a professional team of enterprise ERP system development, rich experience in EAI system development and production, and novel creative level. We emphasize the customer-centric experience planning concept, take the customer's enterprise management characteristics as the core of the design, combine with the characteristics of the customer industry, and design the enterprise integration system application program suitable for each customer in different industries, such as enterprise management, service and business.
The Advantages Of Fuqunxing ERP
Customized to meet the needs of enterprises of different sizes in various industries
Tailored for the development of enterprises operating software is simple and fast
Anytime, anywhere access to your need
for real time data
Help enterprises to achieve a more simple transaction

The Characteristics Of Fuqunxing ERP

Comprehensive integration, flexible configuration, rapid deployment

The cloud office
Fully integrated
Flexible configuration
Computers and mobile phones adapt to the screen
Handle business anytime and anywhere ——
Integrate tools such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, and barrier-free connections; It can be deployed on a single machine, deployed in the cloud (SAAS), or built on its own. Input data, document approval, data query, report or chart analysis, etc.
Fully integrated
Data connection is smoother, and business processing is easier and faster ——
The comprehensive integration of all enterprise information systems, including ERP, CRM, OA and HR, enables the data synchronization between modules to be strong, avoid repeated work, prevent information isolation, strengthen decision analysis, improve efficiency and save costs
Flexible configuration
User custom permission, modify a wide range ——
Flexible configuration, powerful custom function, support secondary development, solve different industries, different enterprises, different development stage information management needs
More ERP Customization Services
We only have more professional, the customer can use more at ease
Computer interface
Moving boundary
Employees' attendance
Warehouse management
The function development
The data size
The size of unstructured data is huge, 10-50 times larger than structured data.

Diversity is strong
There are many different forms (text, images, video, machine data), no schema or schema ambiguity.

Speed is fast
Real-time analysis and bulk analysis, data input, processing and discarding, have immediate, rather than immediate, results.

High value density
Lots of irrelevant information, predictable analysis of future trends and patterns, deep and complex analysis.
Characteristics Of The Information Age, Speak With Data
Find the most suitable ERP solution with detailed management and data
Listen To Online User Reviews
Whether it is good or not is known after use
Director of operations
It is really convenient to customize the ERP software belonging to your company, so you don't need to worry about the need for professional technology. And with The Times, the company promotion, customer management and mobile phone are very suitable for the use of corporate websites, can meet the needs of different customers, is recommended.
Having a software platform of our own enterprise is very easy to use, easy to operate and powerful, which is far beyond our initial expectations. And the effect of our enterprise website is also very satisfactory, I thank you on behalf of the company.
Mr. Xiang
Sales director

ERP Industry Application Program

Customized as needed, and customized ERP suitable for enterprise needs

E-business ERP solution
E-business ERP solution
Foreign trade ERP solution
Foreign trade ERP solution
Garment ERP solution
Garment ERP solution
More industry ERP solutions
More industry ERP solutions
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Online Message

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Our mission is to help merchants manage all channels and expand their businesses, and to upgrade their business models against the background of supply chain remodeling
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